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What if you had a plug & play blueprint for getting your first 1,000 fans, followers, or subscribers online?

What if you had copy + paste templates for turning your followers into massive (and passive) profits?

You've probably been wondering how all these "mega influencers" are attracting so many fans...and making so much money at the same time...

Well...what if you could get them to show you exactly how they're doing it?

Well, here's the good news...

We've convinced 38 millionaire influencers to show you exactly how they're doing it.

Where they're getting their followers. How they're getting them. What they're selling them. What tools they're using. The templates they use to simplify everything. They've shared it all.

Giving you massive shortcuts you can implement immediately.

We've already done live sessions with 14 of them, and they're all inside our new community called CreatorU Live.

CreatorU Live has filled up so fast that we need to raise the price...but since you're already on our email list, I'm giving you one last chance to jump in before it goes up

Here’s what's already inside CreatorU Live (and why it's now the world's biggest shortcut to you reaching $10,000 per month online)

This Is The Fastest Way To Make Your First $10,000 Online. Period.

There's already 14 playbooks inside CreatorU Live.

And we're adding 2 new playbooks each month! (that you can attend LIVE)

Each playbook is designed to give you a simple...step by step...and in many times copy+paste blueprint that will help you make your first $10,000 online, even if you have no audience yet, no product yet, and no experience yet.

Here are just a few sessions available instantly today:

Make $10,000 with Less Than 1,000 Followers

Get Pat's blueprint for attracting "super fans" so you can reach $10,000 per month with less than 1,000 fans, followers or subscribers!

Total Value: $997 Included Free!

Make Your First $10,000 Without A Product!

Get Ben's "phantom product" framework that can get your first $10,000 month before you even have a product to sell!

Total Value: $997 Included Free!

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Create Your First $10,000 Video (without expensive equipment)

Want to make amazing videos that rake in sales? (and take less than 30 minutes to create) This playbook will show you exactly how Jordan does it day in and day out.

Total Value: $997 Included Free!

Launch Your First $10,000 Landing Page

Don't know how to sell? Not sure how to convince people to buy from you? Use Joanna's template to launch your first landing page that turns visitors into customers on autopilot.

Total Value: $997 Included Free!

Scale From $1,000/month to $10,000/month (without sleazy tactics or being weird)

Not a sales expert? Get Laura's playbook for 4X'ing your sales overnight with a few simple website tweaks.

Total Value: $997 Included Free!

Easy ways to turn social media fans into happy customers

Make Your First $10,000 From Instagram

Want to dominate on Instagram without spending all day posting? These 3 simple tools Ashley uses will help you make your first $1,000 from Instagram in 30 days.

Total Value: $997 Included Free!

How to make Facebook Ads work for you (even on a small budget)

Make Your First $10,000 From Facebook Ads

Sacred of Facebook Ads? Think you need a big budget to make them work? Use Nick's copy/paste campaign setup that can turn a $50 budget into $10,000 in profits.

Total Value: $997 Included Free!

Get paid well for your passion projects

Pull In $10,000/month From A Paid "Community"

Always wanted a paid community or membership? Get Logan's playbook for launching paid communities that pull in $1,000 to $10,000 per month fast.

Total Value: $997 Included Free!

Turn your YouTube channel into a 7-figure business

Make Your First $10,000 From YouTube

Discover how Rocky attracted his first 10,000 YouTube subscribers and generated over $100k in sales in his first year.

Total Value: $997 Included Free!

Founder's Corner

8 ‘Hacks’ to Make Your First $10,000

Scott and I reveal 8 cheat codes to making your first $10,000 online. These copy/paste techniques can be implemented in minutes, and will boost sales the following day.

Total Value: $997 Included Free!

Tackling Your Market

Make Your First $10,000 Without Any Followers

No one knows who you are? Starting from scratch? Joe's playbook will make you an authority in your market in just 2 weeks.

Total Value: $997 Included Free!

Fabulous Funnels

Turn Your First $10,000 Into Passive Income Every Month

Get Amber's copy/paste system for automating your entire business so it pulls in sales while you sleep.

Total Value: $997 Included Free!

Free Free Free Marketing

Get Your First 10,000 Followers Without Paid Ads

Don't have any cash for paid ads? Use Molly's playbook for attracting 10,000 followers without spending a dime on advertising.

Total Value: $997 Included Free!

Growing your Audience with Tiktok

Make Your First $10,000 From TikTok

TikTok followers are pointless unless you know how to turn them into profits. Keith Krance is the expert. Get Keith's system system for getting people OFF TikTok so they spend money on your site.

Total Value: $997 Included Free!

You can get these 14 proven playbooks, plus 2 brand-new sessions every month…

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The playbooks inside CreatorU Live are so powerful, we'll let you spend 30 days going through every single playbook...and let you attend the next 2 live sessions before deciding if it's right for you. If you don't think you can 10X your investment after attending two sessions, simply email us at and we'll return 100% of your investment, no questions asked.

We’re serious about this.

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If you're already a member of CreatorU, CreatorU Live is the perfect add-on.

CreatorU Live is like getting coached live by a new 7-figure creator, every two weeks. You get to jump on the exclusive sessions (that normal CreatorU subscribers don't get access to) you can ask questions and get answers on the spot.


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